It is with a heavy heart after 33 years of promoting the Midwestern States Body Building, Physique, Figure & Bikini... in Fort Wayne, IN we will no longer be promoting.  Rick started this show 33 years ago. Rick did so much for the sport and put Fort Wayne, Indiana on the map! His love of bodybuilding, training and helping others compete will love on forever. So proud of all Rick has did for the NPC. 

Thank you to our daughter Cassandra McCormack for always supporting us. We love you so much. We know so many weekends when you were younger you helped give up your weekends to help us. We appreciate you loving us and caring about this show. As you got older you made sure to drive home to support us which meant more then you will ever know. We appreciated Pat joining the fun these past couple of years too. We love you guys. 

Thank you to both of our families for always supporting and loving us. We appreciate you always coming to see the show knowing how hard we had worked. Knowing you were all there made a huge difference.  Thank you to all our friends who have supported us every step of the way. Making time to come to the show was priceless. 

We especially want to thank Mr. Ed Sanders who retired in December as NPC Indiana State Head Judge and Zone Chairman. You have been by our side and made sure our show has always been a success. You have been our rock and leader. You will be missed by all of us. You deserve to relax and enjoy your retirement. Its time to not share your birthday with our show! LOL We could go on and on about you. Most importantly, we thank you and Frankie for your true friendship, love and support.


We thank David Stamper former NPC Indiana State Co-Chair for your countless hours and time at our show. We know you and Ed did so much for our show. Always on time and making us feel at ease to make sure our show was a success. Enjoy your retirement and weekends. Thank you for your love, support and friendship. 

We have had the best MC Kent Hormann since the beginning of our show. We can't thank you enough for giving up your first Saturday of the 3RF each year. You have made the show go on effortlessly. You have stood by our side through all the craziness. Thank you for your friendship, love and support. Rick will be contacting you soon. 

We also want to thank the Arts United Center for hosting our event for 33 years. The venue is second to none! Your staff is the best around. We have been honored to host our show at such a magnificent venue. We know we had the BEST. We will miss you all who made sure the show always went smoothly. Rick will be in touch with you all soon. As you can imagine very hard day for him.... 


Backstage expediter Michael Fransen always running a tight ship and giving up your weekend for this show. We will forever be thankful for your countless years you gave to our show. We know you have one of the hardest jobs rounding up the competitors! Finding everyone is hard! We appreciate your love, support and friendship. 

Thank you to Michael Thena all you did to really market this show and make the web site so friendly for the competitors. We know you spent so much time doing. We will never forget the time and love you gave to us. Most importantly your love and friendship. 

Ticket booth Amy Kohler gave up so many weekends dealing with the mad rush of people. You worked so hard and always supported us. Hoping you can enjoy your birthday this year and not share with the show:) We appreciate your love, support and friendship. 

Please know we could thank so many and keep writing. We have way too many people to thank who have been part of this show over the years. Please know if you were part of our show in any way we will never forget the love and support you gave us.   We will never be able to thank everyone who competed in this show, helped in some way with the show, supported the show, came to see a contest or helped in some capacity. We have meet so many amazing judges, competitors, and friends along the way.


Thank you for your love and support.


Love & heavy hearts,


Rick and Tina Walters